Rabu, 23 November 2011

Anecdote Text

What’s The Funny ?

    1.     One student to another :
“ How are your English lessons coming along?”
“Fine. I used to be the one who couldn’t understand the English people, and now it’s English people who can’t understand me”

   2.      A man went to a doctor and was told he had a serious illness and would need an operation.
“Is it very dngerous?” asked the man.
“yes, it is. Four out of five people who have this operation die.” Said the doctor. “But you will have nothing to worry about!”.
“why not?”
“I have already operated on four people and they have all died.”

Question : Would you let this kind of doctor operate on you?

   3.      A drunk walked up to  man and asked, “ what time is it?”
The man said, “It’s 11 o’clock.”
The drunk said, “ I must be crazy. All day long I keep getting different answers.”

   4.      There was once a man who had a friend who wasn’t to smart.
They were walking along one day, and the man said, “Look at the dead bird.”
The friend looked up in the air and asked, “Where? Where?”.

   5.      One day Kabayan lost his donkey. While looking for it he was also acting very happy. When the people saw him they couldn’t understand why he was so happy.
When they asked him the reason, Kabayan told them, “I’m happy because I was’nt riding the donkey when it got lost. If I had been, I’d be lost now, too.”

   6.      One day his neighbours asked Kabayan, “we heard some noises in your house last night and we wondered what was happening.”
Kabayan told them, “My cloak fell down the stairs.”
The neighbors replied, “But Kabayan, a cloak is just made out of cloth. It couldn’t have made that much noise!”
Kabayan answered impatiently, “Well, of course it could, I was in it!”

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