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Report Text


Hasil pengamatan, penelaahan, penelitian, observasi, atau studi tentang benda, binatang, orang, atau tempat. Participant (yang dideskripsikan) pada report cenderung general. Data yang tersaji umumnya berupa simpulan umum akan karakteristik, ciri, dan atau keberadaan dan keadaan participant. Tujuan teks report adalah untuk menggambarkan participant apa adanya. Bila yang dibicarakan suatu benda, teks report lebih menyoroti fungsi dari benda tersebut.
Teks report lazimnya menyodorkan suatu generalisasi akan participant yang diulas; generalisasi ini umumnya didapat lewat membandingkan yang satu dengan yang lain yang tergolong participant sejenis. 
Teks report umumnya memiliki struktur:
- general classification, pernyataan umum yang menerangkan subjek laporan, keterangan, dan klasifikasinya.
- description, penginformasian ciri-ciri umum/generalisasi yang dimiliki subjek—misalnya sifat-sifat psikologis, perilaku,      tampilan fisik, fitur-fitur khas, kualitas, dan sejenisnya.

Contoh Text Report:

Our country has many kinds of flowers. One of them is called Raflesia Arnoldi. It is the biggest one in the world. It can reach nearly one meter in diameter and 1.40 meters in height.
This flower comes from the name of the British Government General, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who built the Botanical Garden Bogor, West Java. The man who discovered the plant was Beccry, an Italian botanist.
Raflesia consists of two parts, the stick-like part which, grows in the middle and petals around and below it.
The Raflesia plant begins to flower in its tenth year. It blooms three or four times in a year. Before it begins to floer, the leaves and the stem become dry and look ded, however, the main root in the ground is still alive.
While the flower is blossoming, it has a very unpleasant smell which attracts insects especially green flies. They seem eager to explore the flower. However, if the flies touch the bottom part of the stick-like center, they will die.

1. What does the text tell us about?
A. The discovery of the Rafflesia Arnoldi.                     B. The chrcters of the Rafflesia Arnoldi.
C. The steps to growRafflesia Arnoldi.                            D. Botnical Garden in Bogor.

2. Who discovered the Rafflesia Arnoldi?
A. Thomas Stamford Raffles           B. Indonesian Botanist      C. A Gardener from Bogor                D. Beccary
3. How many times cn people see the flower of Rafflesia Arnoldi blooming?
A. Three or four times a year            B. Once in a year                                 C. Along the year                                 D. Every month

Nowadays, many goverments of the world are worried about water supplies in their countries. Fresh water is becoming more nd more difficult to be obtined. In many big cities, the level of water in the ground wells is getting lower and lower. The loss of forests due to irresponsible cutting down of trees often mens loss of water from wells under the ground. Trees are very important for water preservation.
Dams preserve the water that many of our towns and cities need. Dams have many functions. They hold back rain water that may result in floods if not checked. They also provide water to irrigate farms.
            People can use the waterfalls of  dam to produce electricity. Electricity gives light and energy to our houses and factoies. Dams can also produce lakes, and lakes can be used for raising fish and practising various kinds of water sports.
            Another sources of water is river. In Indonesia we have many rivers. Rivers re good source of water. However, if people throw waste into rivers, then the water become very dirty. Waste pollutes water. One of the most dangerous types of waste is chemical waste from facories. This can be deadly and can ill fish, water plants nd other creatures living in the river.

1. Why are many goverments anxious bout water supplies in their country? Because…..
A. People can use dams to produce electricity                               C. It is becoming difficult to get fresh and unpolluted water
B. Goverments are formed by people for people                          D. If we don’t have adequate dams, there will be seriuos floods.

2. “Trees are very importnt for water preservation” (pragrph 1) The word preservation has close meaning to…….
A. Conservation                   B. Calculation                      C. Circulation       D. Cultivation
3. Paragraph 2 mainly discusses………
a. the ways to build dams    b. the andvntages of dams    c. the disdvantages of dams      d. how to build electricity genertor
4. The following is not the benefit of dams for people.
A. To produce electricity                                    C. To raise fish
B. To prevent flood                                             D. To pollute rivers

The Mightiest Archipleago

The Indonesian archipleago is by far the world’s largest group of 13.667 islands which stretches across 5,120 km (3,200 miles) of tropical seas like a string of emeralds. When sperimposed on a map of North America, Indonesia stretches from Oregon all the way to Bermuda. On a map of Europe, the archipelago extends from Ireland past the Caspian Sea. More than 200 million people inhabit this archipelago.
Known to anthropologists and naturalists as “The Malay equatorial line”, the equatorial line is an imaginary line dividing the earth into two parts from east to west in the tropical zone. This makes Indonesia have two seasons, the wet and dry season. Because of its location many kinds of flora and fauna live here. According to the astonomical location, Indonesia lies between 60 North Latitude and 110 South Latitude and between 950 East Longitude adn 1410 East Longitude.

1. Where is Oregon?
A. In Europe                         B. In America                       C. In Indonesia                    D. On the equator

2. What is paragraph one about?
A. The length of Indonesia                                B. The Indonesia’s product               C. The size of Indonesia                    D. The Indonesia’s people

3. Indonesia is rich of flora and fauna because……..
A. of its season     B. it lies in the tropical zone               C. it lies on 60 North latitude.             D. it is exctly in the middle of the earth

4. Which statement is suitable with the text?
A. Longitude is n imaginary line that parallel with the equarial line.     C. The area of the equatorial line is lso called the tropical zone.
B. Indonesia is called The Malay Archipelago by Indonesins.                D. Indonesia is inhabited by 200 milion people.


Born in America in 1874, Erich Weiss became one of the most famous magicians who ever lived. He took the stage name, Harry Houdini, in honour of Robert Houdini, a French conjurer and magician who died in 1871. Houdini was renowned most of all for his escapes from bonds of every kind – locks, handcuffs, strait-jackets and sealed chests under water. We refer nowadays to people who escape from impossible situations as ‘H oud I nis’.
One of Houdini’s greatest tricks on stage was called ‘The Vanishing Elephant’. An elephant was led into a cabinet with curtains at the front and doors at the back. The curtains were closed and then opened. The cabinet was empty and the elephant had vanished! The audience could see all round and the cabinet, but they could not see the secret compartment on one side where the elephant was hidden.

 1. We refer nowadays to people who escape from impossible situations as ‘H oud I nis’. The underlined word refer to ….
A. Harry Houdini                                 B. Writer                C. Robert Houdini               D. Reader
2. What is  ‘The Vanishing Elephant”?
A. the name of film                             B. the name of elephant    C. the name of trick of magic                          D. the name of show

3. Who is Robert Houdini?
A. Houdini’s father                             B.  French conjurer              C. Houdini’s coach                                             D. French political

4. where the elephant was hidden?
A. a cabinet                                          B. curtain                              C. secret compartment                                       D. field

5. How many years the distance of Harry Houdini born with the died of Robert Houdini?
A. a year                                                B. two years          C. three years                                                       C. four years

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