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Materi Recount Text


Jenis teks yang kontennya melaporkan peristiwa, kejadian, atau kegiatan yang menimpa seseorang, atau berupa pengalaman seseorang. Tujuan teks recount adalah untuk memberitahukan atau hiburan.  

Teks recount umumnya memiliki struktur:
- orientation, pendahuluan atau pembuka berupa pengelanalan tokoh, waktu, dan tempat.
- events, rangkaian kejadian/peristiwa.
- reorientation, penutup—ungkapan-ungkapan yang menunjukkan peristiwa/kejadian/ kegiatan sudah selesai.
- komentar pribadi akan peritiwa yang diutarakan, sifatnya opsional.

My first flight

Last semester I spent my long holiday abroad. I went there by plane. My father, mother nd uncle saw me off at the irport. We arrived there thirty minutes before the departure time.
Arriving at the airport, I went straight to chec in counter. The man at the secutrity control checked my passport. When everything was fine, I went into the departure lounge aand took a seat. While waiting for the deprture, I bought some cheap things at the duty free shop.
After waiting for about twenty minutes, the plane was ready to deprt so all passengers hd to get into the plane. A friendly flight attendat sked the passengers to fasten their seatbelt on board.
Few minutes later the plane was airborne.
During the flight we were served with food and drin. We were even given reading materials. It was my first flight but I enjoyed it very much.

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